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"relative, apparent, and common" space and time is introduced, with explanation of Euclidean geometry and space E, entitled "Evidence for Spatial and Temporal Structure": Aristotle's physics, uniform circular motion, circular inertia by Galileo, uniform motion in a straight line, centripetal force, Newton's thought experiment of motion of water in a spinning bucket and rotating two globes connected by a cord, absolute space and absolute time, arithmetic, geometry and coordinate systems, E, gauge freedom, linear momentum, inertial frames of reference, rectilinear and orthogonal in Cartesian coordinates, diagrams, translational symmetry and rotational symmetry, homogeneous and isotropic, the Principle of Sufficient Reason (PSR), God' creative act, Principle of Identity of Indiscernibles (PII), Leibniz's theory of monads, Mach's rejection of absolute space and time by Newton because of their unobservable properties (February 1 2014).

, entitled "Eliminating Unobservable Structure": Unobservable absolute velocity, absolute rest, Galilean relativity, Galilean space-time, world-lines, space-time diagram, straight world-line and curved world-line/curvature in space-time diagram, inertial motion, space-time points or events, simultaneity slice, foliation of the space-time, affine structure of space-time = inertial structure, no absolute velocities in Galilean space-time, the origin of the coordinate system should be an inertial trajectory and the spatial origin of the coordinate system should trace out a straight line through space-time in Newtonian mechanics, non-inertial coordinates attached to a rotating body, Newton could not answer "what is your present absolute velocity?

(Start reading 2017/4/22, finished 2017/5/20) Philosophy of Physics: Space and Time.

By Tim Maudlin (Prinston Foundations of Contemporary Philosophy series, Prinston University Press, Prinston, New Jersey, USA, and Oxford, UK, 2012, ISBN 978-0-691-14309-5) , entitled "Classical Accounts of Space and Time": Newton's discussion about "absolute, true, and mathematical" space and time vs.

", space-time structure is not directly observable, There is no more call to try to eliminate space-time structure from physics than there is to eliminate the postulation of atoms, just because they cannot be directly seen, light and electromagnetism resisting all attempts to account for them in Newtonian terms, overthrown in favor of the Special Theory of Relativity (April 29 2014).

I am happy that I am not a genius, though I feel reverence for Einstein and his revolutionary discoveries.

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