Stop java from updating

Even if you have no interest in Android, you can still watch the course and build a Java based cross platform game.

This course is course 4 in the 4 part series on beginning Android development, so this course will assume you already know some Java, but because this course uses a cross platform game library, knowing much about Android is not required.

Browsing the web can be frustrating enough at the best of times, but when your web browser crashes as soon as you open a page, it’s usually the cue for some colourful language.

At best, you’ll need to restart your browser and try again; at worst, you lose all your other open browser tabs.

The Extensible Markup Language (XML) and Java technology are natural partners in helping developers exchange data and programs across the Internet.

Do you want to learn about Android game programming in a fun and entertaining way, while being insulted by a cranky Space Academy Major?If that’s Internet Explorer, run Windows Update and select the most recent version of the browser that’s available for your version of Windows — you’ll need to look in the Optional section for this. In Firefox, select the Tools menu, press the Help icon and select About Firefox.Firefox will then check for updates and download them, if available.If you’re using Edge on Windows 10, updates to your browser are delivered automatically from Microsoft.If the latest version of your favourite browser doesn’t fix a problem page, try opening it in a different one.