Too accommodating girlfriend

You may be doing your absolute best in a relationship as far as being giving, honest and generous, and then you will be shocked to find out that your relationship partner is losing interest in you and wants out.This doesn’t make any sense to you on a surface, as you expect your partner to appreciate and give you as much back as you give to them. It does not work like business, and you cannot expect the same reciprocity and fairness.This is because I truly believe that when you understand the more fundamental principle of what makes men attractive to women, you won’t have to worry about being on purpose more difficult that you really are.And that principle is this: a woman develops attraction, romantic and sexual interest and love for a man not as much because of how he treats her but because of How you treat a woman and how you make her feel when she is around you is of course important, but that’s only one, less significant part of the equation.

It’s fine to be intrigued — like you’re on the verge of being interested — but don’t let yourself get totally sold too fast.

I am not the biggest fan of being a “challenge” when it comes to dating, at least not as it is presented by some sources of dating advice, who suggest that making yourself purposefully unavailable, taking longer than you normally would to return e-mails and phone call, etc., would actually increase the attraction and the romantic interest of your dating partner.

However, one response seems to be practically a part of our nature.

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