Rose destiny 2 dating sim walkthrough

There'll be a group of Incendiors here, so make sure to shoot the tank on their backs to make them explode and deal damage to any nearby enemies.

After Rey has taken out the gunship, deal with the group of Legionaries that spawn to your left, and then take out the Incendior that opens the door at the end of the area, leading to the brand new market area.

We'll be running down a complete walkthrough of the Destiny 2 Homecoming mission in this guide, including a guide to the Homecoming boss, named Brann the Unbent Blade.

If you need help with anything else featured in the beta, make sure to head over to our Destiny 2 beta everything we know hub, containing information on how to access the beta, as well as all the activities you'll be able to undertake in The Farm social space. As soon as you gain control in the main courtyard section of what remains of The Tower, defeat the few Legionaries that spawn in front of you, and head towards the back of the courtyard, expecting more enemies to spawn after a few seconds.

Puzzles, quests and escape games are often embedded within the plot in order to advance the storyline(s).

The level of gameplay can vary, leading to difficulty in defining the boundaries of the medium.