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Having got to know the modern-day "prophets" of Islam, Judaism and Christianity, looking after the souls of Jerusalem, he should have something to say about the nature of these three religions so closely connected. Fortunately it leaves the main question, the one over the existence of God, unanswered, which of course suits me. On the other side, it gives us many glimpses on the religious men helping the poor and misfortunate, but fails to see the other side.It is obvious that a documentary like this is a challenging task. We are given hints of violence and madness having connections to religion, but the director seems to consider them a minor detail, which is strange, because Jerusalem is not only the capital of religions, but also the capital of religious wars of today.

Det er dog en forudsætning at eventuel fortæring og drikkevarer købes i kroens buffet. In the end, even though all the weary characters, men and beasts, wish for a bright future, in this life-changing journey in the pursuit of love, sometimes infidelity, sin and death can get in the way.Controversial because of the fact it depicts dogfights, the dogs seen fighting each other were actually just playing. Their muzzles were also covered with very fine fishing line so they were unable to bite each other.Medlemmer af foreningen "Forsamlingshuset Nødebo Kros Venner" kan en gang om året få en rabat på lejen på kr. Højst 2 (ved leje af Hestelængen dog 1) medlemmer af samme husstand kan opnå rabat ved samme udlejning, og det er en forudsætning at man har været medlem i minimum 2 år ved kontraktens indgåelse.Der ydes kun rabat ved medlemmers personlige arrangementer.